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At Alumni, we are passionate in the belief that if organisations develop the right leaders and key executives, they can achieve their goals and shape their own future.

Talent management

Talent management is all about making sure that the organisation has the right leaders and key executives to realise its vision and strategy, using effective and efficient processes and tools.

Alumni has many years' experience of supporting organisations and creating or developing complete talent management processes or parts of the process. Our experience includes developing a competency framework (leader profile), a competence analysis, analysis of current situation and competence development planning.

Setting a strategy for development and active succession planning, enables today’s leaders and employees to be developed in a way that supports the company's goals.

HR excellence

Many organisations are not large enough to have a full-scale HR team able to take-on development projects, nor do they always have HR teams with an exhaustive set of competencies.

Furthermore, some large organisations chose to collaborate with external partners with specific expertise instead of relying on internal resources.

Alumni has many years’ experience in partnering with clients where we contribute with the know-how and dedicated teams to build HR activities supporting the company's strategy.

Our experience includes defining and formulating the HR strategy, organisational development as well as managing HR processes as part of a transformation (i.e. a merger, a strategy re-launch or a new establishment).

Assessment Solutions

We provide a range of services and solutions adapted to your specific needs including Management Audits, Second Opinions, Assessment & Development Centres and Executive Profiling.

Development Solutions

We are experts at providing Career Development/Coaching, Onboarding, Executive Coaching and Management Team Development.