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Management Audit

A management audit involves conducting a through analysis of the participating individuals' strengths and areas for development, based on the specific circumstances of the organisation.

The analysis focuses on the qualities that are critical to the business and is neutral in relation to the views previously held internally within the organisation.

Our management audit setup ensures in–depth assessments at the individual and team levels. The advantage of using management audits is that everyone who takes part receives an objective assessment of strengths and areas for development, as well as objective, open and honest feedback.

Second Opinions

With our second opinion service, we offer organisations an objective evaluation of individuals who are being considered for employment or internal promotion.

Second opinions are useful as a development tool when the organisation needs to form a better understanding of the candidate’s strengths and areas for development.

Assessment & Development Centre

An assessment and development centre gives both the organisation and the individuals greater insight into the individuals’ strengths cand areas for development and how they act and react in different situations under varying levels of pressure.

The participants also gain an understanding of how their behaviour is perceived by and affects others.

The method uses several different techniques to produce an objective and standardised assessment of an individual's character traits, competence, and skills.

Assessment & development centres are typically used for selection and development of top management, as part of a talent management programmes or as a selection tool in major recruitment campaigns involving a large number of candidates.

Executive Profiling

The more that is known and understood about a potential key employee, the better the investment in that person will be. It is imperative to understand the person to be able to assess the likelihood of him or her excelling in the role.

In order to fully understand a candidate, the executive profiling process analyses both past and current situations, as well as motivational drivers to take on a specific and clear challenge. An in-depth background analysis provides the foundation for understanding the person.

By knowing in advance which information could possibly surface, the organisation protects its brand, its employees, its investors and furthermore the candidates themselves.

A current-situation analysis is conducted using a selection of psychometric tests as well as structured interviews focusing on both personality, leadership, knowledge, and experience, which together with the background analysis is used a basis for an interview performed by a chartered psychologist.

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