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Privacy Policy

Here we outline how we will use the information that you submit to us. If you have any concerns, questions or queries please contact the Alumni Data Protection Officer for the relevant territory.


This Privacy Policy is available at the website (the “Website”) and applies to the separate national companies within the Alumni company group. The concerned companies are:

  • Alumni AB with address Kungsbron 1, SE-111 22 Stockholm, Sweden
  • Harvey Nash AS with address Tordenskiolds gate 6, NO-0160 Oslo, Norway
  • Alumni, Filial af Alumni AB with address Tuborg Boulevard 12, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark
  • Harvey Nash Oy with address Unioninkatu 22, FI-00130 Helsinki, Finland
  • Harvey Nash Alumni Sp. z o.o. with address Al. Jerozolimskie 56C, PL-00-803 Warszawa, Poland

The entity you provide your information to, and are in contact with, will be responsible for the processing of your personal data and “Alumni” or “we”, “us”, “our” and “ours” when used in this Privacy Policy, will refer to that entity.

The terms “you”, “your” and “yours” when used in this Privacy Policy mean, will refer to you in your capacity as a candidate (registered or not), client or other concerned party. The term “Service” when used in this Privacy Policy means any service provided by us to you, including without limitation all services related to a recruitment or consultancy assignment or similar.

Alumni is responsible for all Personal Data we are processing and our reputation as a client advisory firm is reliant on our candidates’ and stakeholders’ trust; and consequently the effective and professional use of the information you provide to us is paramount.

We care about your integrity

We are committed to the privacy and confidentiality of the information you have provided to us. We have appropriate physical, electronic and managerial protection measures in place to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure of your Personal Data and we educate our personnel to ensure that your trust in us is not misplaced.

This Privacy Policy describes our current policies and practices with regard to Personal Data collected by us from you directly and/or through the Website or third parties.

Personal Data

The term “Personal Data” refers to personally identifiable information about you, such as for example your name, personal identification number, address, phone number, e-mail address and other contact information together with any other information which is linked directly or indirectly to you.

In addition to the previously mentioned data, we may also process other Personal Data relevant to a recruitment process or consultancy assignment to give us a better understanding of you as a person and as a potential employee to one of our clients. Information relevant to a recruitment process or consultancy assignment may differ on a case-by-case basis depending on the relevant position to be filled and the directions given to us by our client.

The information may, to the extent necessary, however include (i) information about you; such as your grades, employment history and board assignments, information contained in job application form and cv, qualifications, interview notes, psychological evaluations, test results and assessments of you, (ii) information about your life situation; such as marital status and relevant information about your personal life e.g. previous convictions, and (iii) financial information about you such as information about your current salary level and debts or payment defaults.

The purposes for the processing of the data are listed below but we hold your integrity to the highest standards and strive to only process data which is necessary and relevant.

Our collection of Personal Data

From you directly

We may collect data from you in different situations for the purposes listed below. Such information may be provided by you e.g. over the Website by the submission of application documents, or through direct contact with us, our affiliate companies, or through your contacts with our business partners.

We may also collect data regarding your communication with us by mail, voice, e-mail or any other form of transmission for the purposes listed below. Any Personal Data contained in such recorded information will also be processed in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

From third parties

Additionally we may collect data available on the internet, e.g. through social media and from third party business networks such as LinkedIn, from tipsters and through contacts with other individuals such as references provided by you.

We may also supplement and co-ordinate your Personal Data with information we collect from private or public registers e.g. from authorities and schools. We may also receive your Personal Data from other members of our company group, our service providers, agents, advisors or business partners.

Where Personal Data is disclosed to us by third parties, it is the obligation of the disclosing party to ensure such Personal Data is disclosed with the required authority and consent for us to, upon receipt, process such Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Discomfort with our collection

As per the sections above, we need certain types of your Personal Data in order to provide our Services. You are however in no way obligated to provide your data should we be in contact with you directly, and you are free to inform us that you do not want to participate in any collection or other process, which we will respect.

Should we collect data from you directly we will inform you of this Privacy Policy. Should we on the other hand collect data from a third party we will inform you of the processing when the data is used, as prescribed in the applicable data protection legislation.

Should you be informed that we have collected information from a third party and you experience any discomfort, please get in contact with any contact person you may have with us or the Alumni Data Protection Officer and we will answer any questions to the best of our ability. Should you still wish for us to remove your information we will respect your wish and remove the relevant information without undue delay.

Use of Personal Data

We strive only to collect data which is relevant for the reason it is collected and we only process your Personal Data for the specific and limited purposes below:

  • to survey markets and individuals for our clients’ and our own needs;
  • to process job applications and/or to perform specific recruitment assignments and consultancy assignments on behalf of our clients;
  • to evaluate and assess candidates;
  • to build a database with candidates for future assignments;
  • to provide our Services and be an advisor to our clients;
  • for statistical reasons; and
  • for internal purposes in order to improve our Services.

Transfer of your Personal Data

Some Personal Data may be transferred or coordinated, both inside and outside the European Union, to our affiliates, our service providers and other partners, authorities, inter alia within the computer network of the group of affiliated companies, to fulfil the purposes above as well as obligations according to law or contracts. Subsequently, we may also in the end share your Personal Data with our client should you e.g. be deemed a suitable candidate in a recruitment assignment.

When appropriate in order to ensure that any Personal Data entrusted to us will not be abused we contractually require the third party to take adequate precautions to protect the data and to comply with applicable laws before disclosing Personal Data to a third party.

Your consent to our processing of your Personal Data

By providing us with your Personal Data, you consent to the processing of your data, including any sensitive data and personal identification number (when certain identification is necessary), and to the collection of Personal Data from third parties, as set out in this Privacy Policy.

In addition to a general acceptance of our processing of your Personal Data you hereby expressly approve our processing of your current life situation and financial situation as specified above under the section “Personal Data”.

You also expressly consent to the transfer of your Personal Data to our affiliates within the Harvey Nash Group, our service providers, partners etc. outside the European Union listed in a separate document which can be requested from your local Data Protection Officer.

You may withdraw your consent to our processing of your Personal Data at any time, in which case we may not be able to provide our Services to you.

Data integrity and security

We strive to maintain the reliability, accuracy and completeness of all Personal Data in our systems and to protect the privacy and security of our databases. The security measures in place on our Website and computer systems, aim to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of the information you provide to us.

We keep your Personal Data only for as long as reasonably necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or to comply with any applicable legal or regulatory requirements.

Your right to access your Personal Data

We will disclose to you the Personal Data we hold about you, upon the receipt of your request (by e-mail preferably).

You are also entitled to receive information of where this information has been collected, the purpose of the processing and to which recipients or categories of recipients the information is disclosed and any additional information as per the applicable data protection legislation. Further you may demand us to, and we will, rectify, block, delete or supplement any Personal Data that you inform us is inaccurate, unnecessary, incomplete or obsolete. You may also object to any use of your Personal Data for marketing purposes.

If you wish to make an access request, relating to Personal Data held about you by us, please write to the relevant Data Protection Officer:

For Finland:
Jaana Laine-Richter,

For Denmark:
Hans Henrik Lüttichau-Holm,

For Norway:
Thron I. Berg,

For Sweden:
Åza Skoog,


Please observe that we are continually improving our Website and the Services. Therefore, our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. If and when our data practices change, we will notify you of the changes via this Website.

We encourage you to check this Privacy Policy frequently. We may also, from time to time, ask you to consent to a new Privacy Policy or additional purposes if it is required in order for us to process your Personal Data.


We welcome comments about this Privacy Policy.