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Expertise Technology

Clients and networks

For more than twenty years, Alumni has supported companies in the technology domain with executive search, leadership consulting, and board services.

We help clients look beyond their organisation to identify the skills required to support rapid expansion and defend against intense competition. We serve technology-related recruitment needs across all industries, as well as helping technology based companies find the right executives for leadership roles.

Since 1990, we have built up an extensive network within the technology industry and a have broad experience of recruiting to all functions of a management team, both for large international companies and small growth companies.


Our Technology Practice forms regional teams as appropriate on each engagement to ensure access to relevant international markets and candidates as required. We work together across geographies and business lines to provide clients with seamless local service and the depth and vision of a global firm.

Our team has personal and solid experience from the technology domain and several of our senior consultants have a background as leaders at software companies, consulting firms or telecom operators. Our daily work gives us extraordinary insight into technology and communications talent trends – from global business alignment to cutting-edge entrepreneurship. Our knowledge is your power.

We work broadly within the technology domain, but our focus lies within executive search, assessment and board services. We predominantly recruit CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, and directors of sales, marketing, product development, engineering and HR.

The industry

Changes within the technology industry have never been more rapid, more complex, or more intertwined than they are today.

Every company in the technology industry requires insight into the digital consumer - especially Generation C, that always-connected, always innovating, and increasingly cohort of the global population that will begin entering the workforce over the next decade.

A thorough understanding of these new demand-side consumer dynamics will help companies improve both their innovation efforts and their competitiveness - with the added benefit of a better understanding of the next generation of talent they must employ in order to succeed.

Entire industries are being transformed by mobility, broadband, new platforms, services and applications, and learning how to make use of massive amounts of customer data

Thus, technology companies must gain the ability to understand the process by which industry verticals will themselves be digitized, to devise specific strategies for developing the products and services that will serve these vertical needs, and to mobilize their people and organizations to work together with every vertical the company plans to serve.

To succeed, companies need leaders and core talent with the right mix of experience, skills, and qualities. The technology sector is encouraged by exciting new advancements in technology, the powerful growth of online services and mobile applications, accelerating innovation and a number of fast growing new businesses.