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Expertise Supply Chain

Since 1990, Alumni has supported clients in the recruitment of senior executives ranging from supply chain directors to site managers. These are essential roles that affect the success of the company.

Our network of candidates range from the young high potentials that take on their first responsibility for a production unit to the very senior executives.

Alumni has experience from all disciplines within supply chain; production, procurement/ sourcing and logistics. We help clients find the best candidates; assessing formal knowledge, leadership style, and motivational profile.

We have built up a profound body of knowledge about how successful production units, sourcing organisations or logistics departments work, which aspects are critical for success as a leader and what the talent market for supply chain executives looks like.

Our experience and our consultants’ solid background within this area make us a trusted partner, whatever leadership or organisational challenges our client is facing.

Many of our consultants dedicated to supply chain have a background within this function, or as management consultants.