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Expertise Legal & Compliance

The legal profession is developing fast. Leading Nordic and international law firms have more in common with first-class strategy firms and investment banks than with large parts of the traditional legal community.

International corporations aiming at growth are increasingly moving into more complex and competitive geographies, where the need for sound, business-oriented and "to the point" legal advice is more apparent than ever.

Looking at senior general counsel positions, the demand for candidates who can lead large and complex legal departments have put increased focus on leadership potential.

In addition, the need to be able to combine expert legal knowledge with a strong and visionary leadership has also rapidly increased the competition for legal directors and company lawyers, who need to have the capacity to join an organisation’s highest echelons and sometimes even move into CEO-positions.

In this fast-evolving context, Alumni’s Legal Practice operates as a true advisor. Alumni has numerous years’ experience of helping clients to find top legal talent.

Our projects involve recruiting top lawyers and corporate lawyers for both large, global publicly-traded companies and smaller, niche firms.

We also help leading Nordic and Eastern European law firms to recruit top-flight professionals and often act as advisors for the identification and development of legal talent.

With some of the most experienced consultants with backgrounds from leading Nordic law firms and legal organisations within large-cap corporations, Alumni has the capacity to advise clients on relevant candidates as well as on how clients should structure their legal organisations going forward.