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Expertise Industrial

Clients and networks

For more than 25 years, Alumni’s dedicated Industrial Practice has developed a deep expertise as well as an extensive executive network in three focus areas:

  • Energy and materials
  • Industrial goods
  • Transport, construction and industrial services

Companies of many sizes choose to partner with Alumni and our client and candidate networks are primarily focused on group management and board level. This ensures a deep understanding of our clients’ needs whether seeking a CEO, CFO, director of the board, or in a leadership development assignment.


Alumni’s Industrial Practice provides a breadth of executive search and leadership services, supporting and advising our clients in identifying and assessing top executive leaders.

Our combination of search and consulting offerings provides our clients with the best possible support to make the right business decisions.

The Industrial Practice is truly international. We collaborate seamlessly with our offices around the world and the majority of our clients have a global footprint in their respective sector where we act as an international partner.

The industry

High technology is no longer a competitive edge in the developed markets, such as Europe and the US. The emerging markets have successfully implemented high tech into their businesses and can truly provide the same quality products at significantly lower costs due to the smaller OPEX they have to spend.

This has forced the traditional industries to transform from a transactional business into service businesses, forcing the company cultures and staff to gain new competencies and skills.

Sociability and networks play a more vital role in even the service engineer’s day to day work as they need to be able to solve their customers' problems on all contact levels. These new alents do not necessarily come from industrial backgrounds.

At Alumni, we pride ourselves on continuously developing our knowledge and always looking outside of our existing networks for that special talent required to transform a conventional business into an extraordinary success story.