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Expertise Future Leaders

Today's young, high-performing talents move quickly upwards within companies and organisations, therefore Alumni and our clients need to be one step ahead.

Alumni is not just passionate about following today's leaders through their careers, but living one of Alumni’s earliest mantras, "to follow each generation to the top" we are also keeping close contact with the leaders of tomorrow.

That is why Alumni has dedicated teams focusing on recruiting and maintaining contact with the men and women who we believe will be their generation's leaders.

For Alumni, future leaders are an exclusive band of individuals who either recently have taken on a leadership role, or individuals who will be ready to assume a leadership role within a few years.

Today they can be found in roles such as associates/investment managers in top private equity firms, consultants at leading management consultancy firms, business development/unit managers, country managers, or smaller CXO-roles. Besides exceptional academic backgrounds, these individuals have impressive professional qualifications and a high analytical ability.

They are result-driven, hold a high personal integrity and want to make a difference in their current and future roles.

Alumni prides itself to be one of the strongest networked firms in this category. This is manifested in our knowledge about this specific talent market, individuals contacting us to learn about new career opportunities, as well as the many future-leader searches we do on a yearly basis.

We are happy to partner with and help our broad range of clients, across all industries, with how and where to look for their specific future leaders.