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As complexity both within organisations and the markets they act on intensify, the expectations on board directors escalate and transform.

Furthermore, in most European countries, corporate governance as well as individual responsibilities of Directors are becoming more regulated.

Historically, boards have used their own networks to recruit new directors but it has shown not to be the best way of ensuring business success. Alumni adds experience, expertise, professionalism, project management, focus on diversity, and objectivity to the process.

Our mission, of course, is to identify and recruit high-calibre candidates and our process is characterised by confidentiality and high ethics.

With our extensive network of highly merited professionals, with long experience of NED roles as well as individuals ready to take their first board director role, we have access to the most qualified candidates, in the obvious and not-so-obvious talent pools.

Every year, Alumni recruits board directors to corporations that are publically listed, family-owned, private-equity owned, or owned by an association – in most cases a collaboration that has continued over the years.