Believing in business success through people

Supporting our clients with an integrated offering within leadership services

About us Our History

Since the firm was founded in 1990, we have always had very high ambitions; to be an industry leader and to always challenge ourselves, our industry and our clients.

It is natural to be entrepreneurial in the start-up phase of a firm's history but we have always strived to keep the entrepreneurial spirit as a core part of our culture.

Building a successful professional services firm is all about creating an attractive environment for great talent. We are in the "people business" in all senses of the word.

Our mission "business success through people" is both what we deliver to our clients and what we want to achieve with our own people. We truly believe in empowering our people to take part in the development of our firm.

We have looked for inspiration from the very best firms, mainly outside our own industry, to find best practice in terms of building a sustainable organisation. We found structures and methods that we could use to build our organisation and client offering.

We were inspired by the obsession with "client first" and the concept of "alignment". We built a firm based on the concept of keeping alignment in our strategy, systems, staff, style, skills, structures and shared values.

A strong value base was essential from the start and as we grew we also formulated this into the values that today are a natural part of everything we do.

Key points in our history

  • Alumni was founded in 1990 by three recent graduates with a clear goal: "To follow high performers through their careers"
  • The firm quickly became recognised as an expert in finding rising young stars, primarily within the 'new economy' sector and IT/telecoms
  • During the 90s, the search sector was revolutionised thanks to tools such as the internet and databases
  • In 1998 we placed our first non-executive board director
  • In 2000, Alumni launched a major initiative to broaden our service offering and become a leading firm within both executive search and leadership consulting, including concepts such as Talangerbjudande™ (Talent Value Proposition)
  • In 2002 we performed our first large-scale Management Audit, with 200 participants being assessed in just a few weeks. At the same time we expanded geographically in Sweden, opening branches in Malmö and Gothenburg
  • In 2003 we completed our first Board Review
  • During the first decade of the new millennium we began to seriously challenge the established industry leaders and by 2007 we had become Sweden's largest executive search firm
  • In 2007, we began a programme of expansion into other Nordic countries with the aim of establishing a leading position on all markets. We opened offices in Denmark and also acquired a company in Poland. In 2007 we also became part of Harvey Nash, thereby accessing new colleagues around the world
  • In 2010, just in time for our 20th anniversary, we opened a new office in Finland and started business in Norway through the acquisition of Bjerke & Luther
  • In 2011, the expansion in Norway was taken a step further when we introduced the Alumni brand for our top executive search assignments and our offering within leadership and board services
  • In 2015 we celebrated our 25-year anniversary and also a 5th anniversary for our office in Finland
  • In 2016 we celebrate 5 years of working with interim management solutions on the Nordic market through our sister company Impact Executives. We also celebrate 15 successful years of providing leadership services in Malmö, Sweden